RFID Labels & Tags

MPI is a leader in the RFID industry when it comes to RFID labels and tags. Our past experience of working with companies of all sizes has given us the opportunity to provide solutions for many different applications.

Pre-Encoded RFID Labels From Our Service Bureau

Our MPI Service Bureau staff is on the cutting edge when it comes to RFID labels. Their expertise in tag capabilities keep customers coming back again and again. They are a technical resource for compliance needs and make continual investment in emerging technology.


Item level tagging on apparel is growing and MPI is at the forefront.

Retailers are using RFID tags at the item level. They are being used for asset tracking and inventory management. The tags can be read by a hand held RFID reader / scanner.

Asset Tracking

With RFID tracking you can monitor assets on demand. It lets you know where your items are without delay and helps you make informed decisions.

RFID tracking is automatic and a direct line of site is not required as when reading barcodes.

RFID For DoD Compliance & Tracking

MPI helps businesses meet the requirements for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). We have the experience to provide you with cost-effective solutions that meet your individual compliance guidelines.

RFID Labels For Inventory Management

When it comes to inventory management, RFID has become a winner.

Whether it is lost baggage, expired products, or missing inventory, they all directly impact customers. Inability to track and manage individual items can produce lost sales or customer dissatisfaction.

RFID Labels For Monitoring & Tracking

A RFID label can be attached to a product as it is packed. The label can be printed and encoded with a thermal printer. The encoded information could contain a tracking number, the sender and receiver as well as the destination address.