RFID for DoD Compliance & Tracking

MPI helps businesses meet the requirements for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). We have the experience to provide you with cost-effective solutions that meet your individual compliance guidelines.

Labels are available preprinted or blank. Our blank stock sizes are 4”x2” or 4”x6”.

We print and encode the standard MIL-STD-129P for military shipping requirements. This includes pallet, case, and UID labels.

In 5 Easy Steps You Will Have RFID Labels for Your DoD Shipment:

  1. All we need is C.A.G.E Code and Qty of Carton and Pallet labels.
  2. MPI will send a sample of the RFID label with your information for approval.
  3. Return signed approval to MPI
  4. MPI will print and encode your RFID labels and ship to you (normally within 3 days or less)
  5. Process your shipment as normal but adding the RFID label to the case and pallet. Using the barcode on the label you can scan the data into the ASN software program using a handheld barcode scanner.


We can provide the following:
Electronic file with encoded tag data for each label printed
Certificate of Compliance for DoD, Walmart, medical, etc.

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