Common Markets We Serve

Food Labels

MPI Label Systems specializes in producing quality, custom food label solutions across the United States. Whether you’re a first-time food label buyer exploring the different labeling options available to you or a seasoned purchaser looking to make a switch to a new food label provider, MPI Labels is here with the best selection of food labels available.

Beverage Labels

MPI Label Systems excels in offering quality, custom beverage labels across the United States. MPI Labels is here with the best quality drink labels whether you’re a first-time beverage label buyer trying to determine which labeling option will best serve your drink or a seasoned purchaser for a major beverage company looking to transition to a new beverage label provider.

Bath And Beauty Labels

MPI Label Systems offers a variety of custom bath and beauty labels. MPI Labels is here to provide the highest quality labels and customer service regardless of whether you’re a startup company purchasing labels for the first time or a seasoned purchaser from a bath and beauty company looking to make the transition to a new label provider.

Prescription Labels

MPI Label Systems has teamed up with Kit Check Automated Medication Tray Management to offer RFID Tags to their pharmaceutical customers.

Kit Check is an automated medication tray management system designed to help hospital pharmacies gain better visibility into their medication usage lifespan, increase efficiencies, and free up staff to focus on patient care.

Chemical And Industrial Labels

Here at MPI Label Systems, we pride ourselves in providing the best selection of chemical and industrial labels available. MPI Labels is the first phone call you should make if you’re in the market for a label whether you’re looking for a label for your house cleaning product or an RFID management solution to improve efficiencies throughout your manufacturing process.

Promotional Labels

MPI Label Systems offers the best selection of promotional labels available. MPI Labels is here to provide you with any type of promotional label you could need whether you’re looking to buy coupon labels to add to an existing product or promotional stickers for an upcoming trade show.