Food Labels with MPI Label Systems

MPI Label Systems specializes in producing quality, custom food label solutions across the United States. Whether you’re a first-time food label buyer exploring the different labeling options available to you or a seasoned purchaser looking to make a switch to a new food label provider, MPI Labels is here with the best selection of food labels available.

Regardless of if you choose one of our pressure sensitive sticker labels, our roll-fed label wraps, or one of our heat shrink sleeves options, you are sure to receive a label that not only helps you stand out on the shelves of any retailer but also in accordance with FDA guidelines.

Our team of experts is committed to the success of your business, so your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed- always!

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Fresh Or Frozen Food Labels

Whether you sell fresh produce such as lettuce or basil, or fresh or frozen meats such as deli meats or hams, MPI Labels is here to supply you with quality custom labels that are sure keep your products flying off the shelves!

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Honey Labels

Whether your honey is organic, a custom blend, or produced right at your home, our goal here at MPI Labels is going to be to help tell your honey’s unique story and help you explain how it is special through your eye-catching label design.

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Jar Labels

Whether you’re selling pickles, jelly, jam, peanut butter, or any other of the many products that are packaged in either glass or plastic jars, MPI Labels can deliver you a striking label that compliments your brand.

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Woozy Bottle Labels

Whether you’re selling sauces, condiments, flavored vinegar, herbs, spices, marinades, olive oils, salad dressings, syrups, or any other number of products, MPI Labels can provide you with a label featuring bold text, fiery colors, and high-resolution graphics!

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