Honey Labels

If you’re in the market for a labeling solution for your honey, MPI Labels is the place to trust! We specialize in producing custom labeling solutions that separate your honey from your competitor. Whether your honey is organic, a custom blend, or produced right at your home, our goal here at MPI Labels is going to be to help tell your honey’s unique story and help you explain how it is special through your eye-catching label design.

What Labeling Options Exist For My Honey?

Pressure Sensitive Labels

Pressure sensitive labels are the most flexible labeling option available for honey. Regardless of the shape, size, and material of your packaging, there is a perfect pressure sensitive label for your product. Looking for a label with sharp graphics and/or in a custom shape? Pressure sensitive labels will offer you the flexibility you desire. To learn more about pressure sensitive labels, click here. To speak to a representative about how we can help you stand out against your competition using pressure sensitive labels, click here.

Roll-Fed Wrap Labels

Roll-fed wrap labels are a less versatile labeling solution for your honey as your packaging must be mostly cylindrical to utilize this labeling solution; however, if you’re packaging allows for a roll-fed wrap label, they make a great option. Utilizing roll-fed wrap labels for your honey allows you 360 degrees worth of space to convey why your honey is better than the one on either side! Interested in including some recipes that feature your honey on your packaging? The coverage this labeling solution offers allows you to include more information on your packaging such as recipes or “tips and tricks” without cluttering up your design. To learn more about roll-fed labels, click here. To speak to a representative and receive a quote on switching to roll-fed wrap labels for your honey label, click here.

Shrink Labels

Shrink labels are undoubtedly a great way to help your honey get seen on the shelves. Looking for a way to differentiate your honey for others? Look no further than a shrink label. Sitting next to honey with a small 4″ by 3″ label while outfitted with a full-body label spanning the entirety of your bottle gives you a clear advantage which sometimes up to 5x the amount of marketing and design space. To learn more about shrink labels, click here. To speak to a representative about how shrink labeling can help you grow your sales, click here.

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