Our Custom Label Products

Pressure Sensitive Labels

Pressure Sensitive Labels are just as they sound—a label solution that requires only light pressure to apply the label onto most shapes and surfaces (due to their adhesive backing). These labels are often referred to as “stickers”.

Roll Fed Label Wraps

A common labeling option for beverage bottles (such as water or soda) and aerosol cans (such as cleaners), Roll-Fed Wrap Labels wrap completely around a most-cylindrical container to offer 360-degree coverage.

Shrink Sleeves​

Shrink products (whether you opt for full shrink sleeve packaging, multi-pack shrink bands, or preform neck shrink bands), feature a 360-degree label which is shrunk to conform to the unique shape of your container through heat.

Smart Labels​

Smart Labels (RFID [Radio Frequency Identification] and NFC [Near Field Communication]) are the latest labeling innovations—designed to replace barcoding AND QR codes—revolutionizing asset tracking, item-level inventory management, tracking, and more.

Labeling Equipment & Supplies​

MPI Labels not only supplies you with all of the product stickers and labels your company may need but also all the labeling equipment (and replacement parts) your company needs to apply those labels with ease.