Woozy Bottle Labels

If you’re looking to put labels on your woozy bottles, MPI Labels should be your first call! We make custom quality labels for all products that come in any size woozy bottle. Whether you’re selling sauces, condiments, flavored vinegar, herbs, spices, marinades, olive oils, salad dressings, syrups, or any other number of products, MPI Labels can provide you with a label featuring bold text, fiery colors, and high-resolution graphics!

What Labels Can Go On My Woozy Bottle?

Pressure Sensitive Labels

Pressure sensitive labels are an obvious choice when picking out a label for your woozy bottle due to shear the amount of customization available. Selecting pressure sensitive labels means opening your label up to the potential for custom-die cut designs. Envisioning a design with an arched top or a custom cut-out logo? Pressure sensitive labels can accomplish that AND MORE. To learn more about pressure sensitive labels, click here. To speak to a representative about how you can utilize pressure sensitive labels for your woozy bottle, click here.

Roll-Fed Wrap Labels

Roll-fed wrap labels are another great option for your woozy bottle if you’re looking for a label that wraps completely around a product. Selecting roll-red wraps mean you’ve got 360-degrees worth of space to design an impactful label. Have a ton of information that needs to be on your bottle such as nutrition facts, recipe ideas, etc? Roll-fed wraps allow you the room needed to include all of the necessary information without leaving your label feeling cluttered. To learn more about roll-fed wrap labels, click here. To speak to a representative about how you can utilize roll-fed wrap labels, click here.

Shrink Labels

Shrink labels on their own or in conjunction with one of the other label types are almost a necessity when talking about woozy bottles. Shrink labels as a labeling solution by themselves can be wrapped completely around your woozy bottle (from top to bottom) and shrunk to conform to its unique shape. These labels allow you even more space to work with in creating a striking design for your product. However, shrink labels aren’t only eye-catching, they are also functional. Whether you opt for a puff strink sleeve or only a shrink band (which covers only the top of your woozy bottle), utilizing shink technology offers you the added benefit of tamper-evident packaging. As either shrink covers the cap of your bottle, someone cannot open your product without tearing into your label. To learn more about shrink labels, click here. To speak to a representative about how you can utilize shrink labels, click here.

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