Jar Labels

If you’re looking for a labeling solution for your jar-ed products, MPI Labels should be your first choice. We make quality custom labels for a variety of products in both glass and plastic jars. Whether you’re selling pickles, jelly, jam, peanut butter, or any other of the many products that are packaged in jars, MPI Labels can deliver you a striking label that compliments your brand.

What Labels Are Jar-Friendly?

Pressure Sensitive Labels

Pressure sensitive labels are a no-brainer for jar labeling given their flexibility! Selecting pressure sensitive labels allow you to create a one-of-a-kind label that features bright vivid photography and text (as well as the ability to die cut, emboss, etc). Looking to create a label without being limited during the design process? Pressure sensitive labels offer a ton of design creativity and flexibility. To learn more about pressure sensitive labels, click here. To speak to a representative about how to begin designing your pressure sensitive label, click here.

Roll-Fed Wrap Labels

Roll-fed wrap labels are another obvious option for jar labeling (which should come as no surprise considering they were actually DESIGNED to work perfectly around the shape of a jar). This labeling solution offers the added benefit of 360-degree coverage around the jar, allowing for ample advertising and design space. Interested in telling your story on each jar of your product or maybe just offering some recipes for utilizing your product? Roll-fed wrap labels will allow you that opportunity and more! To learn more about roll-fed wrap labels, click here. To speak to a representative about the benefits of roll-fed wrap labels for your jar labeling, click here.

Shrink Labels

Shrink labels are unarguably one of the best ways for any jar product to stand out on the shelves. This labeling solution offers the ability to create a full-body label design that spans the entirety of your jar which is sure to be an advantage against your competitor who is working with up to 5x less design space. To learn more about shrink labels, click here. To speak to a representative about how shrink labeling can help you grow your sales, click here.

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