RFID for Apparel

Item level tagging on apparel is growing and MPI is at the forefront.

Retailers are using RFID tags at the item level. They are being used for asset tracking and inventory management. The tags can be read by a hand held RFID reader / scanner.

Benefits Of RFID For Retailers:

  • Inventory management- Items on the sales floor and stock room, faster inventory with simplicity, accuracy of inventory
  • Stocking of shelves- Know what kind & size of clothing is missing
  • Loss Prevention- Reduce theft

Hang Tags for Apparel

Hang tags using RFID are ideal for tracking where surfaces prevent direct attachment of the tag. They can be attached by other means such as plastic ties rather than adhesive.

We make hang tags in various kinds & sizes. They work great for asset tracking and work-in-process.

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