Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers are often used as promotional items with a direct mail campaign. They can be printed with vibrant colors on materials that are made for outdoor applications.

Bumper stickers often express messages, promote organizations (schools, sports), political candidates, and even provide identification for vehicles.

Direct Thermal Labels

Direct Thermal labels are often used with thermal printers. One advantage is that the labels do not use ribbon for printing. The label material is treated so the printhead can burn the image directly on to the label.

Clear Labels For Wine Bottles

Many wineries, especially small, boutique wineries love the look of direct decoration on their wine bottles. Whether it’s etched, heat-transfer, or silk-screened, there is really no disputing the look it conveys to the consumer. They like how their brand image seems to be a part of the bottle.

Shipping Labels

When it comes to Shipping Labels, everyone knows how important they are. Suppliers want to have their product cartons labeled and printed correctly for their customers. Shipping labels are used for special handling instructions or order information. MPI offers several solutions when it comes to helping you find the correct shipping label and design to be used in your shipping department.

Promotional Coupons

Whether you’re looking to offer a buy one, get one free special on your products or looking to draw attention to a discount available at checkout, MPI Labels can provide you with the perfect coupon designed to increase sales!

Bottle Labels

Whether you’re selling soda, wine, water, beer, or any other beverage in a bottle, MPI can provide you with a label solution that features bright colors, bold text, and high-quality photos and graphics.