Rotary Screen Labels

Rotary Screen Printing is an ideal process when higher volumes of ink coverage and color strength are required to achieve brilliant, high-grade graphic effects.

Rotary Screen Process

The process consists of an image exposed to a screen material wrapped in a cylindrical form and attached to end-rings. Ink is pressed through the mesh holes of the screen by a squeegee to produce the image on a substrate.

The screen mesh chosen controls the width & height of the image and also the thickness of the deposited ink layer. Having the ability to vary the ink thickness, MPI is able to produce rotary screen labels with increased POP and a tactile feel.

Rotary Screen Product Applications

  • Tactile or raised printing
  • Heavy lay-downs of white ink on clear film for a “no label look”
  • High gloss or embossed look (heavy varnish lay-down)
  • Specialty Inks – scratch off, scented, metallic, thermochromatic, glow-in-the-dark


Appliances, Automotive, Food & Beverage, Health & Beauty, Household Chemical, Industrial Chemical, Outdoor Products

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