Wine Labels

More and more businesses are taking advantage of digital labels. MPI has the advanced digital offset technology it takes to give you great looking wine labels. These are provided without film or plate costs and without the waste of excess labels. Digital printing has the capability of printing variable information.

Variable Data

Our methods for printing variable information on labels include digital, inkjet, laser, and thermal printing.

Thermal Transfer Labels

Rolls of Thermal Transfer labels are used on thermal transfer printers. They also use rolls of thermal transfer ribbon that transfers the print to the label material.

Tamper Evident Labels

Tamper evident labels / stickers show visible signs of meddling, such as a revealed message or a broken seal. More companies are now focusing on tamper resistant labels for their products. Recalls are examples of the seriousness of product tampering. It has really become an issue where every industry is affected.

Rotary Screen Labels

Rotary Screen Printing is an ideal process when higher volumes of ink coverage and color strength are required to achieve brilliant, high-grade graphic effects.

QR Barcodes

QR is short for Quick Response. It is a two-dimensional barcode where you can put a lot of information in a small space. To be able to scan it, you need a QR scanning application on a mobile phone. The tag allows large amounts of information and gives the opportunity to showcase your business.

Pressure Sensitive Labeling

Pressure sensitive labels are one of the most popular and widely used labels today. They can work with single label applications or for front and back labels. The PS labels can be printed up to 10 colors and 20″ wide.

A pressure sensitive label consists of a face stock material (paper or film), a pressure sensitive adhesive, and a release liner. The backing can be peeled off and the labels are applied permanently to another surface.

Distillery Bottle Labels

Looking for a label to put on your product bottle at your distillery?
We custom print distillery labels for bottles of distilled spirits. Quality print and vibrant colors bring life to bottles of gin, rum, whiskey vodka, bourbon, and moonshine.

Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers are often used as promotional items with a direct mail campaign. They can be printed with vibrant colors on materials that are made for outdoor applications.

Bumper stickers often express messages, promote organizations (schools, sports), political candidates, and even provide identification for vehicles.

Direct Thermal Labels

Direct Thermal labels are often used with thermal printers. One advantage is that the labels do not use ribbon for printing. The label material is treated so the printhead can burn the image directly on to the label.