Wine Labels


Digital Printed Wine Labels

More and more businesses are taking advantage of digital labels. MPI has the advanced digital offset technology it takes to give you great looking wine labels. These are provided without film or plate costs and without the waste of excess labels. Digital printing has the capability of printing variable information.

Digital printed wine labels give you short run flexibility. This can help you develop packaging faster and react more quickly to changing market conditions.  Digital printed labels can also enhance your wine bottle appearance to increase sales.

Digital label printing enables you to have your labels printed on substrates that traditional flexography may have difficulty.

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Flexographic Printed Wine Labels

Flexographic is the most utilized printing technique in the world and can be used for wine label printing.

Flexographic printing is a method of direct rotary printing that uses raised-image plates made from photopolymer materials. MPI uses both water based inks which are air dried, and UV inks which are UV cured. This method provides our customers with high quality printed wine labels.

Other processes can be used with UV flexography. They include rotary screen, hot stamp, and embossing.

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