Clear Labels for Wine Bottles

No-Label Look

The increasing trend for transparent containers requires a labeling solution that can give a perfectly clear no-label look. The no-label look is gaining momentum in some key market segments. These include personal care, food, and beverage (including wine). In a world of limitless choices, clear labels are a sophisticated breath of fresh air for your unique wine bottle, letting the product inside the bottle speak for itself.

Many wineries, especially small, boutique wineries love the look of direct decoration on their wine bottles. Whether it’s etched, heat-transfer, or silk-screened, there is really no disputing the look it conveys to the consumer. They like how their brand image seems to be a part of the bottle.

This form of packaging comes with challenges. Most wineries need to place their orders for their decorated bottle months in advance, especially during the height of the bottling season. Often a winery will be either short or long on their bottling which means they will have excess glass on hand that can’t be used for any of their other wines or they end up not having enough decorated bottles. They then have to come up with a solution to label up the extra 35 cases that were bottled.

There is a solution!

We have a client that came to us to solve the problem with the expense of screen printing on their bottle. They didn’t like wasting glass. They LOVED the look it provided though. Our production team worked with the client and by using foil stamping, rotary-screen printing and UV flexo printing, we were able to provide the look they desired while saving a lot of money.

We have been able to successfully provide customers with a clear NO-LABEL look to their wine bottle. Using premium clear pressure-sensitive material along with UV Flexographic, rotary-screen, and hot-stamping printing processes, we can help alleviate some of the challenges that wineries have with direct decoration and help them save money as well. We have even been able to help wineries that did run short on decorated bottles by replicating their bottle using our digital printing technology.

If you are being pressured to reduce your cost of goods yet still want to maintain the look you have with the direct decoration, we can help.

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