Shrink Sleeves For Lip Balm Tubes & Containers

Shrink sleeves fit over a lip balm tube or container. When heat is applied the sleeve conforms to the container. This provides a tamper evident band assuring that your product is properly sealed.

Shrink sleeves can be placed on lip balm jars, lip balm containers, lip balm tins, and lip balm packaging. The sleeve can be made with a perf so the top part is easily removed before using the product.

Single Serve Packaging – Shrink Sleeve

Single Serve Packaging with a shrink sleeve is fitting the demand for single service food packaging. It is gaining popularity as more and more people shop for food on the go.

The consumer is looking for small size packaging that is convenient for them to use while fitting their nutritional needs.

Woozy Bottle Shrink Sleeve

A woozy bottle shrink sleeve can cover your bottle from top to bottom. It will conform to the shape of the woozy bottle by using heat. Shrink sleeves are popular on the shelves and quite colorful. Include your logo, tag line, barcode, ingredients or directions.

They can be made with a perf around the bottom of the cap or lid allowing for easy removal. Woozy bottle sleeves are used on bottles for sauces, dressings, and syrups to name a few.

Shrink Sleeves For Animal And Pet Products

Shrink Sleeves are a great way to package your animal and pet products. The sleeves will easily conform to the shape of your canister or bottle.

The shrink sleeve package is an important part of promoting your pet items. Most owners of animals have a special bond and are interested in the best care for their pet. An attractive sleeve will grab their attention to the product.

Shrink Sleeves For Wine Bottles

Are you looking for something different to dress up the bottle beside a label? Shrink sleeves are a great alternative for you.

They can be used for your regular line of wines or for seasonal and special occasions.

Woozy Bottle Shrink Bands

We have shrink bands for woozy bottles, also referred to as neck bands or cut bands. They cover the cap on the bottle to help prevent tampering of the product.

They can be clear or you can use a colored band to help it stand out on the store shelf.

Shrink Sleeve Labels For Sauce Products

Hot sauce labels can display your product with attractive logos, graphics, ingredients, nutritional information, barcode, and company information. The colors and graphics will be crisp and eye catching.

Bottle Labels

Whether you’re selling soda, wine, water, beer, or any other beverage in a bottle, MPI can provide you with a label solution that features bright colors, bold text, and high-quality photos and graphics.