If you’re considering using promotional stickers in your brand marketing, MPI Labels is only a phone call away. We specialize in creating custom sticker designs in a variety of shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking to hand out stickers during trade shows or thinking about including them with every order you ship to a client, MPI Labels can provide you with a promotional sticker that is sure to help strengthen your branding and engagement with customers.

When Should You Use Promotional Stickers?

Pressure Sensitive Labels

These types of labels fall into our pressure sensitive label products as they feature a full adhesive backing which can be easily exposed by removing the protective backing.

Though stickers were once perceived as “childish”, they have been proven to now be a very powerful tool for advertising and brand awareness.

Often brands use promotional stickers as pass outs at trade shows or include them into each package they ship out to clients.

Before utilizing promotional stickers, you need to consider some facts:

  • What do you hope the sticker does? Will the sticker be used for promoting your name/logo or a certain product in your line?
  • How will the sticker be distributed? Will it be handed out? Sold? Packaged with your product? Mailed?
  • Where is it ideal for your sticker to end up? Do you want it used as a bumper sticker on a car? Placed on the back of a laptop?


Answering these questions will help you (and us) to determine what size and shape your stickers should be as well as what graphics should be included on or with the sticker.

If you’d like to learn more pressure sensitive label stickers, click here. If you’d like to discuss with a representative how you can begin utilizing promotional stickers in your marketing, click here.

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