Low Cost Thermal Wax Ribbon

MPI’s Econo Wax is the newest wax thermal transfer ribbon offered by MPI Label Systems in the USA, delivering dependable quality and consistent performance. It provides a reliable, economical solution for short-lived, standard TTR applications. MPI’s Econo Wax ribbons feature a built-in printhead cleaner to prolong the life of your printhead.

Benefits of MPI Label Systems’ Econo Wax

  • Handles basic applications with ease
  • Built-in printhead cleaner
  • Remarkable blackness in print quality
  • Prints at low energy setting to reduce stress on the printhead
  • Excellent print quality on flood coated labels
  • Print speeds up to 10ips
  • Good stock latitude from rough to smooth-coated papers
  • Made in the USA

Technical Specifications

Film Thickness… 4.5 Microns

Total Ribbon Thickness… 8.1 Microns

Transmission Density… > 4.0 MacBeth Scale

Ink Melting Point… 67° C / 152° F

Imaging Characteristics

Printer… Flathead

Max Print Speed… 10 IPS (254 mmls)

Energy Range… Low-Mid

Image Darkness… 1.95 RD (densitometer)

Scratch/Smudge… Low-Mid Resistance






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