Shrink Sleeves for Cans


An exciting new application has been developed in the craft beer market; shrink sleeves on cans!  With craft beer rising in popularity each year, more SKUs and shorter runs have become common place, resulting in a need for custom shrink sleeve labels on cans.

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Shrink Sleeves For Cans

100% Coverage

Shrink sleeves on cans provide complete coverage from the very top to very bottom with eye catching vibrant colors, graphics, and text.

Shrink sleeves on cans is not just for the craft beer market, but many industries use shrink sleeves for cans, including food products, health and beauty, beverage, industrial, and automotive.

Our shrink sleeve applicator will apply the sleeves to your can providing automation for your production process.

Our dedicated shrink specialist would be happy to help you get started on your custom shrink sleeves.

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