Shrink Sleeves for Beverage

Beverage shrink sleeve labels are increasingly becoming the top way to promote your brand.  MPI can help you create a vibrant, colorful shrink sleeve label with 360 degrees of design, sure to grab your shoppers attention and increase your brands sales.  Shrink sleeve labels can be used on any size bottle, whether it be glass, plastic, or cans for any beverage including waters, juices, teas, coffees, sodas, alcohols, or more.

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Custom Beverage Shrink Sleeves

MPI’s shrink sleeve labels are a great way to attract attention to your brand in the marketplace.  There are many benefits to shrink sleeve packaging.  One of the biggest benefit is the large print area for artwork and product information, allowing for an easy to read format and a professional look.

Shrink sleeves can also be designed to fully cover your containers lid, providing a tamper evident seal to ensure product freshness and safety.

Multi Pack Shrink Bands For Beverages

Do you have two or more beverages you need to hold together in one package? Our multi pack shrink sleeves (combo bands) will fit the need. They work for 2, 4, 6 packs or any amount.

Another option available for beverages is roll-fed labels.

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