NFC Labels – Customized or Encoded

MPI Label Systems is a manufacturer of NFC labels. The most popular types are Mifare and NTAG203. We have the ability to manufacture larger memory. We can customize NFC labels with logos, promotional text, or other information that may be needed on them. We can provide any face stock and adhesive combination that is needed. If your opportunity requires piggyback labels we can do that as well.

Encoded NFC Tags

MPI can encode NFC labels to perform with specified functions. Examples are turning a device on or off, redirecting you to a specific website, setting your phone to do a specific task, and much more.

They are used to:

  • Facilitate two-way communication with consumers
  • Allow consumers to share experience with each other
  • Launch special promotions
  • Reinforce brand values & messages

NFC Tag Advantages:

  • No set-up
  • Improved customer service
  • Secure transactions
  • Short-range wireless connectivity
  • Increased revenues (value added service offerings)


Embedded NFC inlays can provide more information about individual products – information & services, consumer endorsements, user manuals, sustainability & recycling, and brand values. The content can be new functionalities, social networks, or entertainment & media.

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