NFC Label Applications

There are many applications that can utilize NFC Tags. The following is a partial list of items that can benefit from using this smart labeling technology. We, here at MPI Label Systems, offer several different NFC tags that are all customized and encoded to the unique applications needed.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you may utilize NFC tags for your unique businesses, click here.


Tap to a URL, to Call, to SMS, to Skype. Location Services for Google Places or FourSquare.


Business Cards

Tap on business cards with NFC enabled mobile phone and the content loads automatically!

Trade Show Badges

Opportunities to engage with others on their mobile phones. Gather contact information or social media engagement.

Loyalty Programs

Marketing & Advertising

Cross Sell, Promotions

Mobile Gaming

Product Authentication

Museums, Tourist Centers

Pill Dosage


Pictures, View Movie Trailers, Tickets (Movies, Concerts), Coupons, Political Posters – Tap to Learn More About a Candidate

Restaurant Menus

Store Restaurant Menus in Your Phone (Restaurants Can Send Notifications on Special Menu Items)

Retail Environment

Creating effective targeted sales promotions, including smart posters:

  • Target Sales Promotions
  • Make Purchase Suggestions
  • Provide Discount Vouchers for Instant Redemption
  • Cross-Sell
  • Provide More Product Information
  • Create NFC Loyalty Applications for Consumers

Social Networking

Automatic Check-In and Communications; Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Venue Ticket Purchases

Video or Audio

Use to Promote Items or History at Museums and Retail Stores for High Ticket Items.

Source: RFID Insider

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