New Label Technology Monitors Temperature Sensitive Products

NFC Temperature Datalogger

MPI is announcing a new label technology, NFC Temperature Datalogger, for monitoring temperature sensitive products. Do you have a product that you don’t want to get too hot or too cold over a period of time?

Perhaps you need to track the temperature of wine bottles or barrels. To do so you would attach the NFC tag to your product and download the app on your phone. The bottle or barrel temperature can be checked whenever you want by holding the phone above the tag.

NFC Temperature Datalogger is a 2 1/8” x 3 1/8” card that is thin and flexible with adhesive on the backside. It works with an app on a smart phone that can be downloaded for free at Google Play. The tag has the ability to measure temperature and record it for several days, weeks, or months. Parameters can be programmed in the card for min and max temperatures.

The chip will download the information to the phone letting the user see that the bottle of wine, or another temperature sensitive product, has been at a steady temperature. It’s like a thermometer that remembers every time the temp changes and what it changes to!

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