Hinged Labels for Limited Space

Hinged labels work great where there is a lack of space on a container. A hinged label is also an option for uniquely shaped containers.

There are times where the label is required to be on the front of a container and not wrap around the sides. It would possibly cause additional application problems and reduce shelf appeal.

A hinged multi page label can fit nicely in the front area of a container and allow all the necessary information required.

Benefits of this type of label are:

  • Easy application process
  • Improved production efficiency (smaller label to apply)
  • Additional copy area for technical information, safety instructions, how-to, and bi-lingual

In addition to the benefits to the manufacturer, the consumer benefits from the following label features:

  • Seal / Reseal characteristics with a permanent hinge
  • Easy release adhesive for ease of use
  • Sturdy Film / Film multi layer construction for durability

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