Food Traceability

The Ability To Track & Trace Is In Demand For Food Supply Systems

MPI Label Systems is a certified partner with HarvestMark® and produces the HarvestMark® coding system.

A code comprised of an ECC200 Data Matrix code with variable data, human readable data, and the HarvestMark® logo is used on fresh goods and vegetables giving valuable information on product location and that the product is safe and fresh.

The labeling requirement is for a case label, PLU label, or UPC label to have the HarvestMark® system located on the label. This provides instant trace-back and enables easy trace-forward in response to suspected food borne illness or recall events. Giving each product a unique identity, the solution creates one-to-one communications providing relevant product information 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Unit level authentication is available anywhere, anytime to anyone with a camera phone, a hand-held scanner, SMS, or access to the internet.

Production Methods:

  • Digital printing on the Indigo
  • Inkjet printing using the Jetrion system
  • Thermal transfer printed at our facilities
  • Thermal transfer printed in the field

This solution can benefit the entire food chain with food traceability including growers, packers, distributors, retailers, and shippers.

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