Label-Aire Standard Labeling Systems

L-A 5100 Inline Series

The NEW Label-Aire® Inline 5100 labeling system is designed to offer you advanced features while also making labeling easier, faster, and more affordable… making your operation more profitable. The advanced Inline 5100 is a rugged stainless steel cabinet based (including frame and side plates) labeling system that can be outfitted with Label-Aire’s full range of Label-Aire New Generation 3100/3000 Series applicators (wipe-on, air-blow, or tamp-blow).


L-A 6000-N Inline Series

The Label-Aire® Inline Series 6000-N labeling system is designed to be very easy to configure while also making labeling easier and faster… making you more profitable.

The Inline Series 6000-N’s long list of optional features allows you to easily build a system to meet your specific labeling requirements.


L-A 6200 Inline Series

The NEW Label-Aire® Inline 6200 labeling system offers you a wealth of options and configurations to make labeling easier and faster.

The Inline 6200’s sheer flexibility allows you to build a labeling system to fit seamlessly in your production line. The Inline 6200 also delivers on Label-Aire’s long-standing promise of advanced features, toughness, speed, and accuracy meaning lower operating costs and increased productivity for your business.