Bottle Labels

If you’re looking to put labels on a bottle of any kind, MPI Labels is only a phone call away! We make quality labels for a wide array of beverages in both plastic and glass bottles. Whether you’re selling soda, wine, water, beer, or any other beverage in a bottle, MPI can provide you with a label solution that features bright colors, bold text, and high-quality photos and graphics.

What Labels Can Go On My Bottle?

Pressure Sensitive Labels

Pressure sensitive labels are a great solution for companies looking to create a label with a ton of personality. Opting for pressure sensitive labels means opting for the ability to customize your bottle label with custom-die cutting, embossing, etc. Picturing a show-stopping label tailor-made for your brand? Pressure sensitive labels can bring your picture to life on your bottle! To learn more about pressure sensitive labels for your bottle, click here. To speak to a representative about how you can begin utilizing pressure sensitive labels for your product, click here.

Roll-Fed Wrap Labels

Roll-fed wrap labels are a no-brainer option for your cylindrical bottle labeling. Selecting roll-fed wraps for your product allow you a 360-degree wrap around space to display your eye-catching branding. Have nutrition facts and/or an alcohol warning that needs to have a place on your label? Roll-fed labels will allow you to utilize all the space around your bottle to include all necessary information and more! Does your bottle have some ribs too? Roll-fed labels can easily guide over those ribs to preserve the smooth label look. To learn more about roll-fed wrap labels for your bottle, click here. To speak to a representative about purchasing roll-fed labels, click here.

Shrink Labels

Whether utilizing shrink labeling around the entire product as its main product label or combining a shrink band and another labeling solution to create a custom label combination, some form of shrink labeling is often sought after for bottle labeling. Not only is shrink labeling a nice design feature that allows for a 360-degree design that conforms to the unique shape of your bottle, but it also offers immense functionality. If your bottle offers a cap or cork which can be resealed without immediate detection, shrink labeling can offer an additional tamper evident protection. To learn more about shrink labeling, click here. To speak to a representative about utilizing either full sleeve shrink labels or shrink neck bands, click here.

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