Lip Balm Labels

If you’re in the process of finding somewhere to make the labels for your lip balm, look no further than MPI Label Systems. We offer the best selection of labeling options for your lip balm. Whether you’re a small lip balm manufacturers or one of the biggest in the world, MPI Labels can provide you with top-notch labels that you can feel confident applying to your lip balms.

What Labeling Options Work For Lip Balms?

Pressure Sensitive Labels

Pressure sensitive sticker labels make a great labeling option for lip balm tubes. With a strong adhesive backing on the entirety of the back of this type of label, the label can easily adhere to the tiny cylindrical shape of the lip balm tube without pealing up. These labels can also be custom designed with bright, vibrant colors and crisp fonts so they are legible despite their small size. To learn more about pressure sensitive sticker labels, click here. To speak to a representative about utilizing pressure sensitive labels for your lip balm tube, click here.

Shrink Labels

When talking about lip balm tubes, it is almost unavoidable to discuss shrink labels. These labels, either in conjunction with a pressure sensitive label or on their own, offer the necessary tamper-evident (freshness) seal that protects your lip balm from being contaminated before it is purchased in store. Shrink labels can come completely clear to go around an already (pressure sensitive) labeled tube or can be fully designed to act as the label around the tube even after being opened. A perforated line can be added on the shrink label so it can be easily opened without ripping the remaining label off. For more information on shrink labels, click here. To speak more in-depth with someone about shrink labels for lip balm tubes, click here.

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