Cosmetic Labels

When you’re on the hunt for a good cosmetic label provider, MPI Label Systems should be your first call. MPI Labels specializing in creating custom, eye-popping, labels to help cosmetic products stand out against their competition. Whether you’re for labels for your mascara, foundation, concealer, eye shadow palettes, or any other list of cosmetics, MPI Label Systems has you covered with the best quality and care possible.

What Labeling Solution Will Work For My Cosmetic Products?

Pressure Sensitive Labels

Pressure sensitive labels are a “no brainer” when considering a label solution for your cosmetic product. Regardless of whether you’re labeling lipstick, mascara, powder, or any other product, pressure sensitive labels can provide you with a label that fits your needs. They come in any range of sizes and can even be die cut to the unique shape of the surface they’re placed on. These labels are unbelievably flexible and can be customized in any number of ways. To learn more about pressure sensitive labels, click here. To speak to a representative about utilizing pressure sensitive labels for your cosmetic products, click here.

Shrink Labels

Shrink labels are the other popular option for labeling cosmetics. As you know, protecting cosmetic products from being opened and tested in the store is an important issue. Shrink labels offer the necessary tamper-evident sealing for cosmetics whether you opted for full-body coverage or a smaller neckband around the opening of the product. (This seal would need to be broken before the product could be opened.) Furthermore, shrink labeling can offer ample space for designing a label that will stand out in the crowded makeup aisle. To learn more about shrink labels, click here. To consult with a representative about utilizing shrink labels for your makeup-related product, click here.

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