Candle Labels

When you’re in the market for a labeling solution for your candle company, MPI Label Systems has you covered! We make a large selection of custom, quality candle labels. Whether you’re a local candle owner with a popular Etsy store or one of the biggest candle manufacturers, MPI Labels will provide you with durable candle labels you can count on.

What Labels Are Perfect For A Candle?

Pressure Sensitive Labels

Pressure sensitive labels work great for labeling candles in jars (or metal tins). Due to the flexibility of pressure sensitive sticker labels, these labels can be paired with any number of adhesives to stick to any finish of jar or metal tin. Furthermore, these labels can be designed to fit any branding- whether that entail bright vibrant graphics, custom die-cutting, embossing, added varnishes or even the sot after “no-label” look. To learn more about our pressure sensitive sticker labels, click here. To speak to a representative about ordering pressure sensitive labels for your candles, click here.

Roll-Fed Wrap Labels

Roll-fed wrap labels are another great labeling option for both jar candles and pillar candles. A candle’s cylindrical shape makes it a perfect candidate for roll-fed wrap labels that wrap completely around a candle. Looking for a candle label that offers 360-degree coverage? To learn more about roll-fed wrap labels, click here. To speak with a representative about how you may begin utilizing roll-fed wrap labels as your candles labels, click here.

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